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Girls Independent Golf League


GIGL Offers Something For Everyone:

Looking To Just "Expose" Your Girl To Golf? 
GIGL Jamborees are the perfect way to let girls of all ages give golf a try in a fun, all-girls, team setting.
You don't even need to buy a set of clubs, or balls or tees - we'll provide them all for free.
There is a clinic taught by some of our incredible "GIGL Experts".
Then those same GIGL Experts will walk with and assist the girls during the following 9 hole, wholly non-competitive team tournament. 

Looking For The Familiar Rec-League Type "Structure?"
For pretty much every sport you sign your girl up for a league, she gets put on a team, has some practices with a coach then plays games. 
Your choices with golf, especially for young girls, are just clinics, camps, private lessons and the individual co-ed tournaments.
But our GIGL Pink league manages to bring that familiar structure to golf at MGA Links' par 3 course.
And when they get a little older and more experienced they can take the next step to GIGL Purple.

Looking For A "Cheap" Way To Play?
GIGL Jamborees, and GIGL Pink as well as GIGL Purple sessions are a mere $10/per.
We'll also provide clubs, balls and tees for free at all of those.
GIGL Plus 2day 36 hole tournaments are only $34.
And there is no membership fee required to participate in any of our GIGL Jamborees, leagues or tournaments.

Looking For College Preparatory Competition?
GIGL Plus offer something for every girl trying to reach that next level.
Girls who are just getting started with competitive golf can play 9 or 18 holes.
But girls looking to build that resume for college can play in our GIGL Plus 2day 36 hole tournaments at a 5,600 yard course.
Every individual score will count in the national Jr. Golf Scoreboard rankings that college coaches frequent.

Looking For No Major Commitment?

You can choose to pay for just one GIGL event at a time.
There is no need to commit to a whole season or lengthy series of events.
There is rolling admission to the teams and leagues throughout the year.
And there is no membership fee.

Looking For A Team Sport That Fits Your Girl?

Studies have shown that most girls thrive in an all-girls environment, and that their self-esteem will increase by becoming a member of a team.
Unfortunately, many girls are not physically aggressive enough to excel at most team sports.
Golf, however, does not require such aggressiveness.
Therefore, by creating all girls golf teams, GIGL gives girls opportunities to better themselves that they might not otherwise have.

Looking For Fun?
There is no doubt that the girls playing on GIGL Pink and GIGL Purple teams have a blast.
And though the level of play at GIGL Plus events is much higher, we work very hard to keep the feeling fun and light.
(No overbearing parents will be found on the course at our GIGL Plus events.)
But for the most fun a girl can have with golf, the GIGL Jamborees are impossible to beat.


Our Mission

1. FUN - Though scores are kept, winning is definitely secondary to enjoying the raucous fun atmosphere at GIGL Jamborees. And while GIGL Plus is substantially more competitive than the other GIGL leagues, having fun is still a main priority.

2. TEAM - The fun increases when the girls are on a team from their town playing with other girls they have gotten to know. In addition, increasing the focus on team will decrease the self-centeredness that is endemic with golf.

3. GIRLS ONLY - Many girls find it much more fun and less intimidating when there are no boys involved. GIGL is the only all girls, youth, town based team golf league in New England.

4. PLAY/COMPETE - Though there is instruction with the GIGL Jamborees and GIGL Pink, there is always team tournament or a team round because if it is a goal to get more girls to play golf then it only makes sense to let them play golf.

5. LEARNING - No experience is necessary to play at the big GIGL Jamborees, and we have some type of clinic before each tournament because the fun increases the better they get.  The clinics are run by GIGL Experts such as HOFs Pat Bradley & Kay McMahon, and LPGA Stars Brittany Altomare, Megan Khang, Michele Bell, Pamela Kerrigan Johnson and Naree Song.

6. LOW COST - The GIGL Jamboree green's fees are only $10. GIGL Pink & GIGL Purple sessions are also only $10.  And a 36 hole GIGL Plus tournament only costs $34!!  GIGL does not make any money from any of our events. No one associated with GIGL receives any compensation.  We provide clubs, tees and balls for free for any girl who needs them.

7. NO MAJOR COMMITMENT - We realize that kids (and parents) are currently overloaded time-wise with many other sports an activities. With GIGL there is no requirement to go to ever team practice, lesson or tournament. A girl can attend whichever GIGL events she can, and pays for only those events.

8. EXPANSION - Though GIGL is currently based in Norton, Mass. girls come from all over New England.  It would be nice if they didn't have to.  Plans are in the works for new GIGLs in Rhode Island, Vermont, and Western Mass. Long term plan is to get GIGLs coast to coast.

9. SELF-ESTEEM - A plethora of studies have shown that a girls self-esteem rises substantially when she is a member of a team. Unfortunately, many girls are not physically aggressive enough excel at most team sports.  Golf, however, does not require such aggressiveness, but there are no all girls youth golf team - until now.

10. STRUCTURE - Until GIGL the only ways for girls to learn to play golf were to go to a clinic/camp or get lessons.  GIGL, however, uses the familiar and successful structure that works for every other sport.  Young girls can join a GIGL Pink team where they'll get coaching and learn to play competitive (well, slightly competitive) rounds of 3 holes of alternate shot, par-3 golf.  When they turn ten then can then move up to GIGL Purple where they'll play 9 holes of stroke play par-3 golf, And then eventually they can join GIGL Plus and play on full length golf courses with a team. 

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